Sunday, December 03, 2006

36 hours of snow

There's been nearly 36 straight hours of snow here. Not quite 36 straight thru--two or three times it's stopped for maybe an hour or so. But still, it's been snowing a lot. Though very little of it has been sticking. An inch or two on the ground; sidewalks and roads vary between water, slush, and snow-on-top-of-slush, changing as the temperature changes. Colder objects (like the picnic table outside my window--the cold air hits the top and bottom of the table) have 3 inches or so of snow on them, but nothing else has it quite so thick.

But now I see why the Taliban doesn't attack in winter. I mean, I knew it snowed, and I knew that makes transport even more difficult than it normally is, but the fact that it's not stopped for almost two days... well, I can just imagine higher elevations must be hellacious.

It would probably make for some really good skiing, especially to the north, where the mountains are higher.

Maybe in 20 years someone will open a ski resort.


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