Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not Kabul

I got a chance to leave Kabul a little while ago; first time in a while. It was a nice break.

UXO. (UneXploded Ordnance). Obviously Russian; obviously sitting here a while. Despite the decades, it was clear that the Russians were struggling here; down to the last. Whether any of them made it out alive or not, only Allah knows...

ANA regulars with RPG launchers!

The famous Blue Mosque.

Alley in Herat. (Taylor, the boy is in "Man-Jammas").

New Condos in Herat... compare & contrast with the previous pic. While it is gaudy, it is progress; things have gotten better. This wouldn't have been there 5 years ago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave! Email us a list of what we can send you!! We miss you!!!

9:08 PM  
Anonymous taylor said...

Now, I'm assuming that "Man-jammas" are a highly offensive term for something that has another name. Or possibly, that IS their name. Do tell which.

6:07 PM  
Blogger DK said...

Er, well, no one takes offense to it. But I don't know that they know the implications of the term. It is the term the vendors (Afghans) use when they try to sell them to us. They do have another name, but I can't remember what it is, and it's in Dari--for all I know, it may well translate to "Pajamas a man wears in the day time as clothing". Who knows? I do own two pair, but they are presently in TN, so there will be *NO* pics of me in them on this site--at least not until I return home... -DK

6:51 AM  

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