Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Generic Update

Mmm, just a generic update here; I have to be vague. Sorry. OPSEC.

I haven't really gotten out & about much, so no new pics from around the city or the country. I've been busy with office work, but that serves to remind me why I like jobs where I can get out to the field sometimes... Both my "real" job and this one allow me desk time and field time; it is something that I'll have to keep in mind if/when I change my real job. The recent lack of field time isn't likely to be a permanent condition of this job.

I did get some tasty Rice Crispy Treats in the mail from a certain Doctor & Sys Admin I know... They are quite good. They also gave me the worlds awesomest red-flashing-light-skull-key-chain! (It's a plastic key chain in the shape of a skull; when you move it, a red light flashes for a number of seconds then stops. It totally rules. You are jealous).

Oh, here's something: last night we made up bags of school supplies, shoes, and clothing that will be handed out to local children in the near future. Our goal was to do about 200 or 300 bags; we exceeded 500. We vet (check out) all the charities before we give to them---to make sure that at least most of the stuff makes it to the people we intend---the people who need it most.

If anyone's got old shoes, clothes, pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, toys, stuffed animals, etc you can send them this way, if you want.... Please bear in mind the sensibilities of the Afghan people---ie, women's swimsuits aren't a good idea. If you have 500 pens that all say the local gas station's name on them or political candidate, those are idea--promotional type things. Old tennis balls are good too, as they are fairly difficult to break.

I'll try to get back to more regular postings.



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