Saturday, August 12, 2006


I saw an RPG today.

It was not abandoned.

It was in a launcher.

On the side of the road. At the base of a guys feet.

A good guy, thankfully.

Now, I'm no stranger to RPGs. But it was vaguely disturbing to see in the wild.

But not nearly as disturbing as it should have been; in a land where you are surprised when someone in a uniform--any uniform--isn't carrying a gun of some type; where foreigners don't go out without a weapon, body armor, or both; I guess an RPG just isn't that big a deal.

Well, I'm sure I've said enough now to get in trouble with the boss. The real boss. But I didn't even think of it earlier when I chatted with her by phone.

One of those things where, anyone* else, anywhere else, or any other time and the reaction probably would have drastically different.

(*me or him)


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