Tuesday, July 18, 2006

No More Brolley

This appears to be the remenants of a Trolley system--imagine my surprise! Dashing my hopes, a little bit of research reveals that this is not the case.

This is all the evidence of remains of Kabul's former Brolley System that I can find. I hope to locate the former depot and see if it still exists, and if so, if any of the former busses still exist (in whatever condition).

What is a Brolley? Its a combination bus & trolley (more commonly: trolleybus) or, in the case of the city of Tuscaloosa, Al, a Brolley is a bus painted to look like a Trolley and plays really loud (but bad) music out onto the surrounding streets as it passes by, so that drunk people can be made aware of it's presence, so as to hail it, so they don't have to stumble all the way home from the bar.

I actually didn't realize that I had any pictures of the remaining poles and catenarys until I got home and downloaded some images---this was actually in the corner of another subject & I cropped the pic to show this. The ones I noticed, I didn't have a chance to photograph.

This site has more info on the system: http://www.spvd.cz/?p=svet/af/kabul_en.html&m=menu_svet.html

Thanks to Andrew Grantham and his Railways of Afghanistan site for the above link.


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