Sunday, July 16, 2006

Royal Palaces

Pictured here are the King's (foreground) and Queen's (background) Palace's. My understanding is that both King & Queen actually lived at the Queen's Palace, and the King's Palace was his office. The King's is much larger than the Queen's.

This is the rear of the King's Palace. When the Soviets invaded in the 1970's, they used it for a Ministry of Defense building. Since then, various warlords have used it as fortification until it became too damaged to be of use to anyone. Since then, virtually anything of value (including all scrap metal) has been looted.

You can see a guard fortification--small building--on the right of the picture to prevent further pilfering.

Side shot of the King's Palace, showing the extent of some of the damage to the building.

The dark boxes below the big holes in the building are the guard-fortification, made from Hesco Bastions, also visible from a different angle two photos above.

The Queen's Palace is in much better condition than the King's; thats not saying much though.

This is the view of the Queen's Palace from the rear of the King's Palace.

A closer view; you can see how extensive the damage is.

As you can see from the fortification, the Palace is currently under guard by the ANA (Afghanistan National Army) to prevent further looting.


Anonymous JV said...

Excellent photos. Post more and at higher resolutions if you can. How much longer you got?

3:23 PM  
Blogger Annie Phillips said...

Wow, these are incredible pictures. I love the way the mountains look in front of the palace.

Hope all is well there - I am sorry I didn't answer your last e-mail yet. I hope you have an awesome time in England with Cindy. More soon!

10:34 PM  

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