Sunday, March 19, 2006

Going away party

This is awkward...

Since everyone is asking, I'll post some info here, and re-direct you to a better source for future updates:

Annie wrote on March 16:


I was reading your blog and saw the party comments. We WANT to do one for you, just give us a date!!! That's what I was trying to get out of you the other day :-)

I know it's going to be tight for you date-wise, but just let me know and who you want to invite that I may not think of, and we'll figure it out. Hope all is well.


The party'll be at Annie & Matthew's house in Huntsville; looks like it'll be an April Fools Day Party to boot; yeah, Saturday night, April 1. The 25th was too close & too many people already couldn't make it; any later than that, and I may not make it... (don't let my not being there stop you!).

I'm assuming Annie will post more info on her blog:

Even if it doesn't show up on the blog, I'm sure she'll get more info out to everyone.


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