Monday, March 06, 2006

Learning my lesson

So, once again, I did think to get the camera, I just didn't.

You see, Saturday, Cindy & I stopped by for a quick look at Cedar Hills Pet Cemetery Inc. which is located at 2467 Nashville Hwy., Columbia, TN.

And I left my camera in the car.

There was the usual: pet names, species, owners names, years and dates of birth & death of animial... Some even outliving their owners. And there were Obelisks and large tombstones, weather proof photos of the dogs & cats, even a Police Dog section.

But the weirdest part was ... well, the second weirdest part was the "Christian" pets; but the weirdest part was the entire section of Jewish pets. Segregated, by itself.

The Crematorium on the hill added to the ambiance.

Damn. I carry the camera in the car for a reason.

BTW, I can't say that the Pet Cemetery is a big tourist spot (though we enjoyed it), the President James K. Polk Home was worth seeing.

We even saw a snake at the Polk Home Garden.


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