Sunday, February 12, 2006

Birmingham Weekend

Spent Saturday & Sunday morning in Birmingham.

I visited Sloss Furnace for the first time this weekend, while waiting to meet up with my friend Doug at 32nd Street to watch trains. But Doug had been delayed by his job--he's a railroad cop--which is why I went into Sloss. Sloss is at one corner of 32nd St & the RR tracks (between 1st Ave N & 1st Ave S on 32nd St), so I was literally a stones-throw from where I was to meet Doug.

I should have gone a long time ago to Sloss as it is an amazing place, but I guess if I had, I wouldn't have seen an Angel.

I dunno, some kind of Motorcycle promo or something... Anyhow, the Angel disappeared as the photoshoot was over, so I went to meet Doug, who had just arrived. Hung out there & saw a few trains over the course of about 3 or 4 hours. If I had more web-storage space, you can bet I'd have the photos up...

Sloss is free, by the way. It's a retired blast furnace; they used to use the Bessemer process to make steel there, but it's been a park for sometime now.

After a while, I met up with Poobie, Sarah, Shane, Will, Luke, Drew, Melissa, Jason, & Celeste at Surin West in 5 Points North, Birmingham for dinner. It was Drew's Birthday--happy day, Drew. We coincidentially saw Jessie there & Sarah invited him to hang out after dinner, but he appeared to be on a first date, and a group of Malleteers who are also old friends probably isn't the best way to impress a first date.

So after dinner, we all (minus Jessie & date) went back to Poobie & Sarah's to chill for a while.

A good time was had by all.

It snowed a wee-bit last night in Hoover and today when I got home it was snowing in Huntsville; even enough to stick to my deck but not enough to measure.


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