Thursday, December 15, 2005

Happy Holidays

[Taken from something else I wrote, with a wee bit added]

Merry Xmas to you to. Or, maybe I should say "Happy Holidays" to you; heh. I think more people need to put the X- back in Christmas (Xmas). Cause "X" is actually a much older symbol for "Jesus" than the english "Christ".

And I think "Happy Holidays" is getting a bad rap this year, even from [especially from] conservative/religious christians. Why?

Well, there is the obvious: not everyone believes in Jesus. [Give them some respect.]

But there is also:

-Jesus was Jewish; Christians should at least respect/well-wish Jews at Chaunaka/Christmas time.

-The Annunciation of the birth of Jesus is celebrated at this time of year, despite the fact that its only weeks/days from Christmas, not 9-months. The coming of Jesus is what advent is all about, right?

-Protestants *used* to dislike the idea of celebrating Christmas, and now, suddently, they can't get enough of it? Read up on the history: England had legally banned Christmas in the 1600s; churches in America refused to
celebrate cause it's not in the bible; etc.... Kind of two-faced for them to start now, after 1,850+ years* of disliking the idea of Christmas.

*[Well, duh, Protestantism isn't that old, but hopefully you see what I'm saying.]

-Christmas time is supposed to be about joy & happiness. Is it so bad to wish joy & happiness to EVERYONE, even if they don't believe in Jesus? Fuck, so what if Kwanza is made up, if it makes someone happy in the cold, dark, depressing winter, happy fucking Kwanza to them.

-Some churches celebrate Christmas Eve. But no one says "Merry Christmas Eve".

-Some churches have services on New Years day or New Years eve; even if it's not religious, its still a holiday; is it so bad to hope people have a happy new year in addition to a Merry Christmas?--even without the religious context?---or even with the religious context, maybe I should say?

-Winter Solstice. Wiccans. Happy dark-day, John Robinson.

-12 days of Christmas. Merry Christmases.

-Boxing day. Need I say more?

Happy Holidays to you.


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