Friday, November 11, 2005

'Tis the Season... for bootlegging

Went up to TN today to get some civilized beer (rather than the Swill, Swill Light, Ultra Swill, or Swill Select that are available in Alabama). Found a fair selection of winter ales; both Harpoon and Sam Smith's seasonals. Picked up Sam Adams' winter mixed-case (6 beers, 4 each) last week at Costco.

Of course, that's just the seasonal stuff... I got lots of other *good* beers while I was up there too; one of them was a Dog Fish Head around 20% abv!---wowsers. (Here it is, listed as "18%+abv").

Also picked up some Trappist Ales I haven't had before---will have to report on those under seperate cover. And various other "high gravity" & high alcohol beers not otherwise available in the state of Alabama.

Grabbed two different types of Cooper's Australian beer (don't let the Fosters commercials fool you; Fosters is Australian for "Canadian Beer").

Oh, and I picked up what I believe to be my first Austrian beer. Turns out, it's a winter seasonal too, I just didn't know it. It's 14%abv. It's here.



Blogger Alan said...

You came to TN and didn't come visit? Bastard.

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