Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Job frustrations

I like my job. Mostly. But the things I dislike about it are getting more & more & more & more & more annoying.

I hesitate to list specifics, on the chance that people I work with might read this; and being that my name is on this blog, it's not that far a stretch, I don't think.

But I'll say there are multi-level leadership issues. And there is some funny business involving the (now former, now laid-off) secretary.

The leadership situation should be "temporary", but of course, with the government, that can be a really long time.

There are a few other things that are slow in coming too, but again, I shant elaborate, except to say that most of my good friends know where I'm trying to get to...

Ergh. Maybe this venting-to-the-blog would be more effective if I hid my true identity. Fuck.


Blogger LilNigglet said...

Yea. Hide yo' truu identity like me, you stoopid mo' fo !!

2:43 PM  

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