Friday, December 02, 2005

Olde Towne Brewery Update

Huntsville's microbrewery, Olde Towne Brewing, is making some changes to their product line up, and I sampled some of it today...

They are dropping the Extra Pale Ale from the product line. This sort of makes sense to me, as they also have a Pale Ale. They are going to make the Hefe Weissen all the time, but it will only be available in kegs (ie, on tap at bars). The Amber & Pale will still be available in bottles & kegs.

The Hefe was his "summer seasonal", and then it stuck around through September & October; Don Alan (brewmaster) nixed the Octoberfest he was going to make, because of the huge demand for the Hefe Weissen... Since Hefe is going to be a full time beer now, he had a Pumpkin beer for his late-fall seasonal. He's just about out of the pumpkin, only a few days (literally) to drink what's in the bars around town.

A Porter is going to be his winter seasonal. It should be in bars in the next week or two. I had a glass today, and I thought it was very good; I hope he can keep it consistent. As with all his seasonals, it's only available in kegs/on tap----no bottles, no grocery store sales. (Perhaps, if the Porter proves popular, he might be able to bottle it?)

I hope he makes an Octoberfest next year.

Olde Towne is the only micro-brewery in the state (ie, is not a brewpub, but is a beer factory).


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