Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tuscaloosa Visit

Visited Tuscaloosa this weekend; a good trip. Saw some old friends; even ran into the hillarious ST Bunn III (aka Dually). As usual, he had many stories. Oh, and his first name really is ST; it stands for "ST".

I hadn't seen ST in some years, but had been looking to re-establish communications with him. About that time, Wade & Audrey Smith showed up too, which was fun, cause Wade also knows ST, so we all got caught up on things.

Mallet also had a Halloween party; the Spirit of Marvin was present; the current Malleteers are doing OK--they are trying, though the dorm could definitely use more senior guidance. There were pre-warnings of a potential bust, but it never happened (they have a pretty impressive intelligence network, details of which I won't go into here to protect the methods & operations).

Maggie & I also went to a wedding on Sunday. It was a little bit unorthodox, but nice.


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